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Vicko Alvarez has crossed a line about my husband, Raymond.

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I'm sorry for the long letter, but I'm writing you as a 15th Ward resident and an immigrant troubled by the rhetoric and hate one of Raymond's opponents has toward him: Vicko Alvarez.

Yesterday, in mailboxes throughout the ward, Vicko sent out a mailer calling Raymond, my husband of 17 years, anti-Latino and anti-immigrant. Seeing that come from a fellow Latino completely took me. Vicko has no clue how damaging putting something like that out has on our 15th Ward families, many of whom are immigrants, undocumented, or first-generation Americans.

I was born in Mexico City. My mom brought me to Chicago when I was six months old for a better life. I remember my mom's struggles as a single mother, working odd jobs to make ends meet. Resources back then for immigrants were incredibly scarce. 

My mother and I would have benefited greatly from having an Alderman like Raymond back then, providing the resources and support immigrant families get from his office today. 
So when Vicko Alvarez, who only moved into our ward last summer to run for Alderperson, attacks him and labels him anti-immigrant, she doesn't understand how much damage she's doing to my community.

How many unsuspecting families will believe her? Where will they now go for help if Vicko is telling them that my husband, who's married to me, an immigrant, won't help them? 

There's an expression my mom says in moments like this: Es una buscapleitos de la que todos están cansados. Translated, it means: she's [Vicko] a troublemaker, which everyone is sick and tired of.

I couldn't agree more, mom!

Residents of the 15th Ward have seen what my husband can and has done for our immigrant families in the 15th Ward. We absolutely cannot allow Vicko Alvarez to continue dividing us by creating this false narrative! Join me and the thousands of other families who can vote in this election and who have had enough of Vicko Alvarez by casting your ballot for my husband and Alderman of the 15th Ward, Raymond Lopez!

¡Sí se puede! Y el Martes 28 de Febrero, ¡lo haremos! (Yes we can, and on Tuesday, February 28th, we will!)

- Hugo Lopez

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